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04.2019 PhucAncity nominated by German Design Council for Urban Planning Concept Awards.

12.2018 HAS and HNA

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 5.38.51 PM

11.2018 Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. London


10.2018 PhucAN Elderly city in Shortlist Health Care Future Project of the Year. online viagra und cialis kaufen, online viagra und cialis kaufen, online viagra und cialis kaufen, online viagra und cialis kaufen, online viagra und cialis kaufen, online viagra und cialis kaufen. By WAN Awards Jury. The Ceremony will be in London in November18. Hilton Hotel.

09.2018. Amagos hotel is top.

08.2018. DATC office building starts.
07.2018 Officially Construction Process for Skiline Hill School complex in Dien Duong | Hoi An. Finish in summer 2019.

Start Construction RR Hotel, Residence and Resort in North Van Phong- Khanh Hoa.


06.2018 Finish the CurveBOX in Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. Nha Trang. The White render smallA�hostel in ocean city.


05.2018Kontum city. Public Park Renovation and Landspace design. Site Visit

Datei 02.05.18, 09 33 59

04.2018 Loading 80% Nhatrang white hostel.

Datei 02.05.18, 09 33 18


03.2018The WATER office is 70% Loading


03.2018 XuanCuong Complex Site take shape.

Datei 02.05.18, 09 34 29

02.2018 Design theLong | office building on Nguyen Van Linh str. Da Nang

02.2018 Amagos hotel reaches 8th floors30714188_2093270700689894_2330937978613995610_n


01. 2018 SKILINE School’s company named as second valuable investor 2017 by ASHUI Award. and the project itself placed number 6th.

12. 2017 SKILINE School nominated for ASHUI best future project

11. 2017 Trung Nguyen corp. design workshop in Buon Me Thuot. bonmua center project kick off.

11. 2017 SKILINE School awarded for Hochiminh architecture prize


10.2017concept design Khaisan hotel for Khaisilk corp in Nha Trang

10.2017the DEJ – Banbon resort Project | Nghia Lo | Yen Bai |Vietnam

09. 2017the WATER office building starts construction process

08. 2017 Saigon convention center | Nguyen Van Cu | D1

06. 2017. 1 Prize the HANSA hotel design competition

06. 2017 Urban design project for 10ha resident building | District 6 | saigon

05. 2017A�Concept for Quy Nhon’s new civic center.

The Lengend Hanoi Hotel interior constuction process |163 Hang Bong str. Hanoi

79 Headquater Office in Danang starts construction process.

04. 2017 CNC office building in Danang

Urban design project for 2000 ha Hotel and resort ” Blue Lake “| Krong Kaep | Cambobia

Dinh Kim Ngan Renovation Project | The Temple Hanoi | Hang Bac.


The Balalaica resort in Phu Quoc

04. 2017 Hanoi Studio officially starts.


10.2016 AMGAGOSA

08. 2016 Amagos Park hotel starts the Construction process.

06.2016. Officially sign HAS – HNA partnership in Da Nang | Viet Nam

06.2016 Amagos 4 stars ParkHotel, 18F | Da Nang | Viet Nam

MALI Museum design Competition | Lima | Peru

Amer 3 Star Hotel concept design | Da Nang | Viet nam

Finish Alnam cafe and lounge | Da Nang | Viet nam

05.2015 NB-Flying box villa starts construction process | Saigon | Viet Nam

Concept design for An Nam | Restaurant | Frankfurt | Germany

TQD house starts construction process | Saigon | Viet Nam

05.2016Become design partner with KOOP 1 in Germany and Switzerland

04.2016 Long Thanh International Airport design competition with Fuksas Architect | Dong Nai | Viet Nam

OMA apartment building starts construction process | Can Tho| Viet Nam

Design the Lake house resort | Dong Hoi | Viet NamA

03.2016 the Prince Building, 22F | Saigon | Viet Nam

The Department of Science and Technology Headquater | Saigon | Viet Nam

Aeon Mall Tan Binh Facade Design | Sai gon | Viet Nam

01. 2015 Finish the DNH 03| Chu LaiAi| Viet Nam

12.2015 the E-City office building| Saigon | Viet Nam

HAS team won the design competition for the Evangelical Church | Hanoi | Viet Nam

Finish the P-house | Saigon | Viet Nam

Finish the MT-house | Saigon | Viet Nam

The Duet Villa starts construction process | Sai Gon | Viet Nam

10.2015 Quang Trung Bride Design | Can Tho | Viet NamA

09.2015 Vietin bank office building | Sai gon | Viet Nam

09.2015 VTV villa | Tan Cang | Sai Gon | Viet Nam

08.2015 Trungson 18F Building | sunnyworldpro | Sai Gon | Viet NamAi??

05.2014 Commission to redesign co-working space for TTG with Fresh House group| SaiGon | Viet Nam

04.2015 Chung Toi Lam architecture exhibition | Sai Gon | Viet Nam

Start design OMA Project | Can Tho | Viet Nam

Start design Z-haus| Zurich|Switzerland

12.2014 Finish Ocean Project | Da Nang | Viet Nam

11.2014 Finish White boutique hotel | Pnompenh | Cambodia

04.2014 Commission to redesign Movenpick 5 stars hotel | Sai Gon | Viet NamAi??

04.2014 Commission to redesign New Tuoi tre Hotel for Tuoi Tre copr.5 stars hotel | Sai Gon | Viet NamAi

Audi Showroom in Danang

01.2014A Bauhaus new museum design contest | Germany

01.2014 HAS open the design studio in Sai Gon, Viet Nam

06.2013 Design L-house | Lucerne | Switzerland

11.2012 Vietnam Expo Pavillon design contest | Milan | Italy