the Box

November 22, 2017
O: Totale

The Box Hotel Tower Architect :    HAS Chief design : Hoang Nguyen M&E              KGCX Visual design : Tuanle Client :           CTCP ThaiNguyen Tran Phu str. | Nhatrang | Vietnam 08/ 2017   HAS architecture were invited to design a 12000 sqm hot tower in […]


May 24, 2017

Hana hotel – the Twist-bamboo   Architect         HAS architecture Architect in charge Nguyen Hoang Design team  Tu Vu, Chien Duong, Tony, Tuan Le, Duy Ta, Duyen Nguyen, Duong Nguyen, Tuan Nguyen, Alexander Nguyen, Structure         Duy Tan JSC M&E                  HNA Interior            KGCX | HAS Landscape       KGCX Visual design  Thien Do, Alex GFA                  15000 sqm Program          Hotel […]

Amagos Park hotel

July 20, 2016

Amagos PARK hotel   Architect         HAS architecture | HoangNhatAnh Architect Design team   Nguyen Hoang, Tu Vu, Ha Nguyen Pham Thi, Ha Nhu, Tik Tran, Hung Nguyen, Tien Dong, Hung Pham Structure         HNA M&E                 HNA Interior            HAS Landscape       HAS   Sustainable design RFR Vietnam Visual design            Duy Doan, Alex […]


October 10, 2015

FREN 2014 With FREN, we want to tell about the Time and how the Old things connect with New things. In a small, charming and so beautiful village with acient fortress, the moutain, the air, someone found out they can earn the money here. They prefered a huge, morden and expensive complex center with the […]

HA resort

May 8, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 5.43.29 PM

HA resort Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam 2012- The master plan and architecture design for the complex area. We mixed high-rise, private villa, and 4 stars resort hotel together. But the question is how to make it really ‘ together”. So we offer the park and the river as the Link. Like a ribbon, two elements […]

Movenpick Saigon

February 3, 2015

Movenpick Saigon Researching | Schematic design 2014-2015 The project is a 4 star luxury Hotel brand in Saigon. The design method coming for very high Swiss standard brand and Vietnamese and Indochina style. Very good old day. The brief included 150 guest rooms, other facilities including day spa, restaurants, indoor pool facili- ties and night bar. […]

U Villa

July 11, 2009

U Villa Hoabinh Vietnam 2009 150 sqm on the mountain. The U shape has been added to the site very well. Not only for the view but also for the sun protection and ventilation.