maison alnam

June 6, 2017

maison alnam 300 sqm danang | vietnam   A small vietnamese shop, studio and cafeteria in the quite street Le Thanh Tong. We carefully collected the old furniture and renovated the space. Everything is very simple and elegant. Modern and culture, past and slyte. They are coming together. And work well.    

Amagos Park hotel

July 20, 2016

Amagos PARK hotel   Architect         HAS architecture | HoangNhatAnh Architect Design team   Nguyen Hoang, Tu Vu, Ha Nguyen Pham Thi, Ha Nhu, Tik Tran, Hung Nguyen, Tien Dong, Hung Pham Structure         HNA M&E                 HNA Interior            HAS Landscape       HAS   Sustainable design RFR Vietnam Visual design            Duy Doan, Alex […]

Movenpick Saigon

February 3, 2015

Movenpick Saigon Researching | Schematic design 2014-2015 The project is a 4 star luxury Hotel brand in Saigon. The design method coming for very high Swiss standard brand and Vietnamese and Indochina style. Very good old day. The brief included 150 guest rooms, other facilities including day spa, restaurants, indoor pool facili- ties and night bar. […]