March 22, 2016
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Duet private twin villas 320 | 370 under construction d9 | sgn


January 6, 2016

Phaus | Plumeria house  design and build binh-tan | sgn  finished in  Jan 2016   “Plumeria house” is a small house which is located in District Binh Tan, 12 km from Saigon’s CBD, Viet Nam. The idea came from client story about the old house, where our client grew up, a rich family from the West-South […]


December 24, 2015

MTHaus Design and build Finished in December 2015.  

the 5dn

July 31, 2015

the 5dn area 2000smq – 400 sqm per lot gfa per lot  400- 550 sqm nguyen tat thanh str. | da nang | vietnam 2015-2017      


April 30, 2015

DNH03 Chu Lai, Vietnam Architect : has Structure, ME : JARA Design Visual render : Infinity Finished.     The story beside the 500 sqm private house in Chu Lai is about material and light.  We love to use DaOng – the red stone, which the Champa people have used for their house, temple.. from […]


April 11, 2015
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BNH Gialam Hanoi Vietnam 2011   The 400 sqm Villa has a great view to the Duong River. So we tried to add a floating element – glassbox – the public function- for the view. The pool go along with the main concept. Go to the River. All the bedrooms rotate 90 degrees to face […]