July 20, 2016

Amagos PARK hotel


Architect         HAS | HoangNhatAnh

Architect in charge Nguyen Hoang Nguyen Manh Dung

Architecture team   Nguyen Hoang, Nguyen Manh Dung, Ha Nguyen, Ha Nhu, Tik Tran, Hung Nguyen, Tien Dong, Hung Pham

Interior team. Duong Chien, Duong Nguyen, Dung Hoang

Structure         HNA | Tin AN co.

M&E           Tin AN co.

Interior            HAS

Landscape       HAS


Sustainable design RFR Vietnam

Visual design       Duy Doan, Alex

GFA                  7500 sqm

Program          Hotel and service apartment

Location          Da Nang Viet Nam

Status               Construction process.


Client                 Gia Ta JSC





The Amagos boutique hotel is the first hotel of Gia Ta JSC in Da Nang. Design by HAS and HoangNhatAnh Architect. The team led by Nguyen Hoang of HAS


The design come from the simple idea. “the PARK “,

 “We do not want to build a new high-rise.

We want something new, special. The one not only for our guest, but also for the people and the city. So let’s build a park and later the hotel. “


88 high-end hotel rooms, cafeteria and restaurant come together with public park on the ground floor, where people who living around the place could enjoy together.


The full-high void and garden brings the natural ventilation to every space.


The construction process begun and the project will be finish in the end of 2018.