October 10, 2015



With FREN, we want to tell about the Time and how the Old things connect with New things.

In a small, charming and so beautiful village with acient fortress, the moutain, the air, someone found out they can earn the money here. They prefered a huge, morden and expensive complex center with the apartments, the hotel rooms, the exhibition area and conference hall….

We have to do it, for the future, for the people, maybe. But we just tried to do it in right way.

We prefered to collect all the details, wooden panels, furniture, doors, gates, stone steps, windows, everythings still useful.

And we designed 6 small-wooden-blocks with re-use the materials and other stuff. Of course, They had  new function. But all the buildings, old and new, have same high, small windowns, interior style, colour…

We tried to build the new-village, moreover actually renovated the old feeling.

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