NTU Academic Building

September 26, 2014

NTU Academic Building

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Architect | Richard Kirk Architect + DCA Architects

Program Workshops and Laboratories for engineering students, offices, breakout spaces and car parks

Client       Nanyang Technological University

Area         29,000m 2

Status      Proposed


Academic Building presents a significant opportunity to strengthen the University’s progressive research and learning in the Engineering Schools of Material Sciences and Mechanical and Aerospace Aeronautics.

We offer a memorable building infused with natural daylight and vertical gardens. It is a rich and vibrant place that puts on display the many interesting processes and activities that will occur within this place of research and learning. The building is also an opportunity to become a learning laboratory itself where the sustainability opportunities are both explored and expressed as a central part of the architecture and structure.

The introduction of natural light throughout and landscape within a series of connected, organically-shaped voids is the memorable quality of the building.

The ambition of the cascading of voids permits long horizontal and vertical views within the building that are dominated by landscape and natural light to overcome the internalized and land-locked site.

The concept responds to the constrained courtyard site by a series of landscape filled internal voids. The voids provide a great sense of space but also improve the building’s legibility by communicating its functions as a place for research, learning and workplace. The voids are lined by active spaces where informal meetings and gathering of researchers, students and visitors are encouraged to occur. The form of the voids change from level to level, maximizing daylight for both people and landscape while also promoting ventilation in mixed mode areas.

The Academic Building is an open, interactive and connected facility. It establishes a new benchmark for sustainability in the Tropics by implementing a range of innovative strategies that can inspire and engage – it is a transformative building for engineering pedagogy.

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