NTU Residential Hall

September 26, 2014

NTU Residential Hall

Program Student accommodation and public facilities, including theatrette, function spaces and retail.

Client       Nanyang Technological University

Area          70,000m 2

Status       Proposed

Located at the main entrance of the NTU campus, this 1500 unit development for both students and faculty staff is conceived as being–

• Welcoming and of its Place
• a Communal Village
• a Vibrant Cultural Hub
• a Place for Learning
• Interconnected with the Landscape
• a New Benchmark for Sustainable Living

This building celebrates the parkland setting of the NTU campus and provides three dimensional frameworks for landscape to interweave with the building. The NTU Residential Hall facilitates communal living and social integration for undergraduate and graduate students in single and double occupancy rooms and self-contained apartments. Accommodation is strategically planned to both encourage access by students at appropriate times, and provide a discernible level of privacy for the faculty residents and their families.

On street level the main public functions (theatrette, function halls, retail and the food hall) are placed around a landscaped plaza to activate the street frontage. A central ‘spine’ provides a strong legibility of movement and connectivity to communal spaces, accommodation blocks and landscaped courtyards. This explicit simplicity in wayfinding through the new village helps create a vibrant intellectual hub and cultural centre that aptly reflects the essence of student life at NTU.

The building provides diverse opportunities for a range of learning modes – from individual to group, social to informal, structured to unplanned. The building itself becomes a learning tool and more than just a framework for learning. This contemporary building is a live and vibrant place that in itself is a place to learn from.

Global imperatives and a tropical climate demand a sustainable architectural response. The planning diagram at NTUresponds to the ideal North/South orientation. The built form is permeable, maximising the opportunities for cross ventilation of all spaces. Through flow of air is maximised by using considered planning strategies as well as in-floor ventilation through pre-cast floors. This unique ventilation system allows natural airflow through each residential space whilst maintaining acoustic privacy between circulation zones and bedrooms.

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