January 6, 2016

Phaus | Plumeria house 

design and build

binh-tan | sgn 

finished in  Jan 2016


“Plumeria house” is a small house which is located in District Binh Tan, 12 km from Saigon’s CBD, Viet Nam. The idea came from client story about the old house, where our client grew up, a rich family from the West-South of Vietnam in the past. The duty of the architect is bringing back the comfort and the atmosphere of the good-old days . We saved and maintained the stair, the plumeria and some furniture from the old house. They gave the familiar and attractive feeling of the old space. We decided that this house should be built in the most traditional way of Vietnamese narrowed house with the attractive void in the center. The site is a rectangular 4×20 with a quiet streets in front of it. Very common in Viet Nam.


This house is quite simple, however once you step inside , you can feel its lightness, darkness, narrowness, width, height, wind and sun.  We believe that we could design a modern shop house but have the atmosphere of something very old, like in Hanoi, Hoi An and Saigon. There are almost nothing new here, just new-use.