November 22, 2017
O: Totale

The Box Hotel Tower

Architect :    HAS

Chief design : Hoang Nguyen

M&E              KGCX

Visual design : Tuanle

Client :           CTCP ThaiNguyen

Tran Phu str. | Nhatrang | Vietnam

08/ 2017


HAS architecture were invited to design a 12000 sqm hotel tower in Nha Trang.  The client offered HAS create something very new for the city.

“ We do not want to build just a hotel with maximize room. We want to make an interesting project.

And we discovered the wooden box. The very familiar details here, we can find everywhere in the country : from private villa, pagoda, cathedral to citadel.

The construction process could start in early 2018, and finish in early 2020