April 1, 2016

The Prince Tower


Architect :    HAS architecture

M&E              RFR Vietnam

Visual design : Attractor daily

Client :            Khaisilk corp.

Constructor :  SINO Vietnam

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08/ 2016- 02/2018


In the end of 2015, HAS architecture were invited to design a 17000 sqm office tower in D7 Ho chi minh city. The master plan developed by SOM a decade ago, which had many towers around. The client offered HAS and other architect to create a symbol for the new area.


“ We do not want to build a new cake high-rise.

We want something, a red line from the long, rich history of Saigon and the Knowledge impact in our building. “ – Hoang Nguyen.


And we discovered the beautiful details, Vietnamese details from Saigon library building. The pattern designed by architect Bui Quang Hanh from 1971. The very familiar details here, we can find everywhere in the country : from private villa, pagoda, cathedral to citadel, but they were transformed in beton and became anti-solar-panel which suitable for tropical country. They did it before green design become trendy now.




And now, in 21 century, one again we use the pattern the new way. In Aluminum panel. Not only decoration and protection concept, but also we and to connect past with present, remind us about our rich culture could be use in modern building.

“ the books and the knowledge coming together could be very beautiful “ ( mr. Hoang Khai )

The construction process could start at August 2016 and finish in early 2018